Data-driven insights and evidence-based recommendations for social and consumer research projects.

Our work is diverse, but our philosophy across these projects is the same: inject data-driven research and evidence-based recommendations into social and consumer projects while keeping a clear focus on real-world, actionable insights.

Any research program should observe and measure what is happening, but we believe they shouldn’t be the only components of a research program. At Empirica Research, we pride ourselves on offering more: as well as using the data we collect to describe what is happening, we also explain why, and prescribe solutions where required.

Our explanations and prescriptions are not just the result of intuition, they are informed by data-driven insights gleaned from our use of sophisticated and carefully chosen data collection tools and advanced analysis techniques, and our academic expertise in social psychology and behavioural economics.

For each project, we select the research methodology most suited to the task at hand and use the most effective data analysis techniques. Our methods and analysis techniques include:

  • Sophisticated survey design

  • Choice tasks

  • Experimental (A/B) design

  • Implicit association and positivity tasks

  • Social media analysis

  • Regression modelling

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Structural equation modelling

  • Segmentation

We still do focus groups and interviews, but we believe that these are often over-used and misused (e.g., used to make broad generalisations when they should not be) and we only use when appropriate.

Our research services are useful in a range of areas: the design, development, and testing of advertising or other communications; gathering employee or member feedback; exploring consumer attitudes and preferences or public sentiment on social issues; brand tracking; product reviews; and many more.


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Our team

In addition to our core team of researchers, Empirica offers the unique ability to connect with a group of esteemed academics from around the world. Known as our “Think Tank”, they partner with us on select projects.

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